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Hero Coffee Drip Tower 400 ml

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Metal Brew Drip Coffee Filter Holder Funnel

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Espresso Grouphead Cleaning Brush-Platic Handle 57-59mm

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The flexible membrane adapts to the group-head. All areas in this narrow and hot part are wiped off simultaneously – up to the sealing gasket and into the slot for the portafilter cams! The process only takes about 20 seconds. It is safe as well, without any big spills or burnt fingers
Wondering if it fits your machine? Make sure the portafilter used in your machine features two cams and that the diameter of the shower is between 56 mm and 58 mm. If these conditions are met, it will fit perfectly.
To clean this tool, just rinse it with clear water after use.


Material: ABS, Silicone
Gross Weight: 114g/4.0oz

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• 【PROFESSIONAL DESIGN】Coffee machine brush is professionally designed for use with brew heads to brush off coffee grounds without damaging the blades. By using high-pressure water flow to rinse, it can effectively remove coffee grounds and residue, ensuring that the coffee machine always remains hygienic and clean. This guarantees that you can always drink fresh and delicious coffee.
• 【SOFT AND FLEXIBLE】Coffee machine clean brush is made of silicone, which is soft and flexible for consistent performance. Small size, easy to store. Coffee machine brush cleaner won’t leave any scratches or stains on the coffee machine. Espresso groundhead cleaning brush helps to keep the coffee machine shiny and clean, ensuring its normal operation.
• 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】Coffee machine brewing head clean brush is ergonomic, convenient and easy to use. Easy to install, insert espresso coffee machine silicone brushes into the slot. The coffee machine filter anti-cleaning tool has a long handle with a humanized design, making it easy to clean areas in the coffee machine that are difficult to reach.
• 【EXCELLENT CLEANING ABILITY】Coffee grinder clean brush has a high cleaning capacity and can effectively remove coffee grounds. It is a good helper for cleaning coffee machines. It also has the characteristics of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion, which can better protect the cleanliness and health of the coffee machine. The cleaning head silicone sheet can be replaced.
• 【SCOPE OF APPLICATION】Coffee machine brewing head clean brush is suitable for coffee grinders, milk frothers, bean machines, coffee machines, etc. Coffee machine silicone brewing head brush has a long service life, is lightweight and convenient to carry, and espresso maker machine brew head clean brush cleaner tool is not only easy to use but also very convenient to operate.


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