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Milk Frother Handheld Electric Stainless Steel


Milk Frothing Pitcher with Thermometer 600ml

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Stainless Steel Milk Frother Cappuccino Coffee Frother Double Froth Pump


Milk Frother Operation:
1.Heat the milk to around 60℃(140°F) for hot drinks, and chill the milk before frothing for cold drinks.
*The coffee to milk ratio is about 1:1.
Change the ratio or add sugar as desired.
2.Fill a bowl or deep mug about 1/4-1/3 full with milk.
*Do not use glass containers.
3.Put the stirrer into the milk and submerge it completely.
But make sure do not immerse the plastic part and the body(If water enters main body, product may become damaged).
4.Keeping the milk frother submerged in the milk, move up and down slowly for about 10-20 seconds.
5.Prepare the coffee and add the froth with a spoon.
Cleaning considerations:
(1)Put the stirrer into the water then turn on, after it is clean then turn off and dry the milk frother.
(2)Or wipe clean only.
(3)Do not wash handle, if water enters main body, product may become damaged.

Material: ‎Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Plastic


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【STAINLESS STEEL Body】: Strong stainless steel body and custom extra thick frothing wire with no plastic parts to break off. And it is of high steadiness when it is in operation.
【PERFECT DESIGN】: Creates a perfect drink in seconds!High torque motor allows for quick mixing and frothing with little effort.Perfect for anyone who wants to make a Cappuccino,Latte,or just add a little creamy froth in their Coffee or Hot Cocoa.Also great for mixing up certain Protein Powder/Shakes,Pre Workout,Slim Fast,Lemonade,beating eggs and more.
【EASY TO CLEAN】:Put the frother in the hot water and press the botton.It’s clean enough. Rinse it with clean water, and it can easily be clean.
【QUIET】:Keeps your morning calm and peaceful while you are creating your hot coffee beacause the Mafiti milk frother masterpieces. Built with a powerful yet whispering-quiet motor.This cute little wand foamer silently whips up rich,smooth and delicate foam for homemade coffee drinks in seconds.Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).


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