Wega Polaris – 2 Group




Capacity 12 Ltr
Dimensions 540(H) x 750(W) x 570(D)mm
Material Stainless Steel
Output 3.4kW
Power Type Electric
Supplier Model Number EVD2PR15
Temperature Range 88°C to 98°C
Voltage 240V
Weight 74kg
Wega standard group with thermosiphon circulation
Programming of four doses per unit
Two stainless steel steam arms
A hot water dispenser and two manual buttons for coffee dispensing
Automatic fill level
Connection to the water mains and rotary pump
Possibility of bringing the 122mm raised groups to a height of 82 mm with a removable solid stainless steel cup tray
Work area LED downlighters as standard & White LED Side panel lights
Electronic display with time, date, boiler pressure & shot timers
Stainless Steel, metal, brass fittings, copper boiler & plastic

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