Cold Drip Unsweetened 1×24


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Cold Drip Unsweetened 1×24 bottle

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Caffè Barbera Cold Drip coffee brew is the newest addition of our 150 years coffee legacy. The Ingredients are very simple: Ice cold water and freshly roasted Mago Blend. Barbera Cold Drip has more complexity, depth and quality than any cold brew in the market because of the special drip extraction method (up to 18 hours brewing time), which results to have a much fuller & richer body. In each stage of the brewing process several different flavors are extracted, creating a layered and complex flavor profile that is difficult to accomplish with the common cold brew process. The flavor matches our Mago profile enhancing an intense aroma, with a full-bodied, fresh and persistent palate. lastly, It enchants you with an intense hint of chocolate and with a sweet persistent aftertaste.

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