Barbera Can




Inspired by its antique trade, Caffé Barbera designed this 250g decorative can tin for those who want a smaller, attractive coffee can. Filled withour premium Classica blend, this can is perfect for ecology conscious coffee connoisseurs.
The Barbera Can makes the perfect gift for coffee lovers. Not only is Classica, one of the highest expression of quality coffee blending, the elegant tin protects the robust flavour of the coffee. The most discriminating coffee aficionado will appreciate the intense hint of chocolate, supported by the strong, slightly sour, and enduring flavour produced by our roasting process.
The 5 coffee sources Domenico Barbera originally chose from Brazil, Central America and Indonesia still produce one of the best coffees available anywhere. Give the gift of Italian coffee today, or pamper yourself.
The resulting coffee fills your mouth smoothly with just the right acid balance and an exquisite lingering sweet aftertaste.


Package : 1x12x250g

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